Details of Lasithi Tour 4

Sitia - Toplou - Vai.

Tour Details

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Sitia is called the ‘Gate to the East”. Lean comfortably back in one of our fleet’s chauffeured vehicles and take in the drive as we transport you the most easterly region of Crete. Enjoy the diversity formed by its natural beauty and its existence as a meeting point of different nations and ancient civilizations.

Continuing in the lap of luxury, allow our guide to take you to Toplou Monastery, a fortress-like structure built in the fourteenth century to protect the monks and its riches from piracy.

From here you’ll be whisked off to Vai, the Palm Beach, which belongs to the Monastery Toplou. It extends into an attractive valley overlooking a golden beach of azure waters where you can spend the afternoon swimming in its clear waters. Enjoy the tropical landscape, warm bright sun and crystal sea water and end your journey witnessing the stunning sunset of this wonderland.