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Anogia - Axos - Rethymnon Town.

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The inland of Rethymnon prefecture is finely represented by the villages of Axos and Anogia. Anogia lies on the north slopes of Mountain Ida. It is to this site that it owes its name, which means ‘high place’. The village is one of the major handicraft industry centres on Crete. The woven and embroidery goods produced are of extreme high quality and the most popular with visitors. It was here that the first women’s cooperative in Greece was set up. Anogia is also popular for its fine singers of cretan music and lyre players.

Not far from Anogia, we visit Axos, lying in a verdant plain where one can admire the numerous shades of green. Axos takes its name from the river Axos or ‘Yeropotamos’ which flows through the village, and is built on the site of the rich and powerful ancient city of Oaxos, which continued to thrive under the Romans and Byzantium.

This trip is completed with our visit to the capital of the prefecture, the city of Rethymnon. There, walking through the narrow alleyways with their picturesque little houses, influenced by Venetian architecture and gazing at the Turkish remains such as mosques and minarets, you will be carried back in time to ages of romance and vintage atmosphere.