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Rethymnon - Chania City Tour.

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Our tour to the west will be an exciting exploration of the main attractive capital cities of the island’s western prefectures. Rethymnon, lying along the sea shore, was used by the Venetian rulers of the Mediterranean as a way-station and a refuge in times of trouble. As one walks through its narrow Venetian alleyways indicative period buildings show contrasting lifestyles of the area. Small old houses with carved balconies stand next to aristocratic mansions with coats of arms and Latin inscriptions, as well as their mosques and minarets.

One has the strong sense of being carried back through time to another age. Take a stroll around the picturesque Venetian harbour where the fishing boats moor today and ease your mind in the tranquility of the setting. Hania was the capital of the island until 1972.

The Old Town is surrounded by the fine Venetian walls, dating from the 15th century and the narrow, labyrinth alleys with Venetian buildings, interrupted by occasional Turkish structures, suggest something of the conquerors who came this way.

Our chauffeur will suggest various places to visit, such as the famous Market, mosques and museums, and ensure you ride in comfort in our exclusive cars, safely and discreetly.